Bedroom assertiveness

Many ladies are still not very assertive in the bedroom, and I keep wondering why. My sister who works for London escorts say it is because they are worried about expressing their fantasies to their partners. I must admit I think that she is onto something as I do feel a bit like that myself around my partner. Just like many other ladies up and down the country, I do have certain erotic fantasies but I seldom tell my boyfriend about them. My sister, and her colleagues at London escorts, say that I should not be so frighten to talk about my erotic notions and ideas.

Perhaps I should become more assertive so that we can have better sex. My sister tells me that a lot of her dates do talk about sexual issues to her and her other colleagues at London escorts. In fact, it seems that many men would like their ladies to be more sexually assertive and to introduce more ideas into their sex lives. The fact is that must of us do not talk about sex enough, and that is what I think my sister and her London escorts friends are hinting at. It is strange how we can manage to talk about other topics, but we find it really difficult to talk about sex with our partners.

Personally, I really enjoy sex toys. It took me ages to introduce sex toys into our sex life, and it wasn’t until my sister gave me a few different vibrators to try with my boyfriend. I sort of made a joke of it and hid one under the pillow one evening. At first my boyfriend was a bit surprised but I said it was a birthday present from my sister’s London escorts friends. That night we had some great fun, even though it was a bit awkward at first. But like my sister and her London escorts friends said, things got easier and now we are using different sex toys. My boyfriend enjoys it as much as I do.

I can’t get my boyfriend to “sex toy shop” with me, but I am working on that. He is not that much into shopping online, so I ordered some brochures instead. The girls at London escorts have suggested that I leave them scattered about the place to see if he sneaks a peak. In that case, I will show him some of the ideas that I like.

Yes, you can be more assertive but at the same time you have to sort of manipulate men. Most of my sister’s friends at London escorts have taught me a few tricks, and so far it is going great. There are days when I am really glad that I have this glamorous sister who works for the best cheap London escorts services in town, and knows about these things. I have suggested that she starts to write her own agony aunt column online somewhere. Not only would it be great fun, but it would give some people a lot of good advice as well.


How Women Can Make The First Move

Men have forever been the most dominant sex in the bedroom and therefore it is understandable that women are sometimes more cautious and less keen to make the first move. Of course they may want to, but many girls fear that if they try to take the initiative they will be seen as a slut and a sex addict. However, there are a few tips for women that can help them take the initiative when it comes to sex.

It is true that men can be bad at reading signs and hence they won't always pick up a woman's advances - that doesn't mean they aren't interested, they more than likely are. Because of that, being specific about what you want from a relationship isn't necessarily a bad thing. Men are famed for not being able to read women and work out what they want so they will appreciate having a lady who is clear about whether she wants to take things forward. It may not be the most traditional method, but if you are passionate about your man, telling him so is much better than jeopardizing the relationship by waiting for him to work it out.

With all of that considered, setting the mood for your man and trying to seduce him one evening is a good place to start. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so cooking a good meal with some romantic music is sure to make him weak at the knees providing he is keen on you. Dressing seductively and showing off your best assets will also get him lusting after you - making him putty in your hands. If he responds well after all of that, then starting to make things sexual should just come naturally.

However, although you may want to progress to sex, it is important that you remain your normal self while doing it and don't attempt to copy anything - perhaps something you've seen in a porn scene - in order to it. If a guy loves you, he will love you for who you are, and pretending to be someone that you are not will only lead to problems down the line.

With all that in mind, it's now time to go out there and get your man. Don't be scared about appearing a sex addict, just go out there and get him - he will probably be glad you did.

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