Month: January 2017

Transgender Activists Complain Women’s March Unfairly Linked Sex to Biology – Breitbart News

Breitbart News

Transgender Activists Complain Women's March Unfairly Linked Sex to Biology
Breitbart News
People trying to live as transgender members of the other sex complained that the Women's March on Washington unfairly excluded them by declaring that a person's sex is decided by their male or female biology. “The main reason I decided not to go was ...
How the Women's March's "genital-based" feminism isolated the transgender communityMic

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Kenyan Politician Proposes Women Withhold Sex Until Men Register To Vote – NPR


Kenyan Politician Proposes Women Withhold Sex Until Men Register To Vote
Mishi Mboko, an opposition member of Parliament in the NASA coalition, has a less conventional idea to encourage new voters: Women in areas where the opposition holds sway should refuse to have sex with their spouses unless they register to vote.
Kenyan women urged to withhold sex until their husbands register to voteThe Independent (registration)
Kenyan women urged to withhold sex in vote drive - BBC NewsBBC News
Get Out The Vote: Women Told To Withhold Sex By Kenyan MP To Encourage Men To Register For Upcoming ElectionInternational Business Times
Times LIVE -Deccan Chronicle
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18 women sue USA Gymnastics, MSU over sex abuse – Indianapolis Star

Indianapolis Star

18 women sue USA Gymnastics, MSU over sex abuse
Indianapolis Star
Eighteen women signed onto a civil lawsuit that names USA Gymnastics, a high-profile gymnastics club and Michigan State University, claiming the defendants failed to protect them from sexual abuse by Dr. Larry Nassar. It's the third civil suit claiming ...
18 women sue ex-USA Gymnastics doctor in sex-assault caseCNN
18 women sue doctor, USA Gymnastics, and MSU over sex
18 more alleged sex victims sue MSU, ex-sports doctorDetroit Free Press
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No, I don’t work in a warehouse

I have told my friends and family back home that I work in a warehouse in London. The thing is that I arrived from Cornwall wanting to make it big here in London. Finding a job was not going to be difficult and I was then going to return home to Cornwall with lots of money. It was tough to find a job, and after having stripped for a living for a couple of months, I started to work for Bury Park escorts.

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The thing is that I have not told my family that I work for an escort agency at all. London is a totally different beast than I thought it would be. You cannot really live here unless you earn a lot of money, and you are certainly not going to do that in a warehouse. I know that I am misleading my family but at the same time, I am doing this for them. Having seen my family, and extended family, struggle in our little village in Cornwall, I do not want to end up in the same situation. Bury Park escorts will help me not to do that.

My family understands that I am working really hard. I think that in their hearts they know that I would like to be home. In some ways I like to be back home as well but at the same time I enjoy being in London. Bury Park escorts have given me a new outlook and life and I feel that things have changed. If I am totally honest, I am not so sure that I am going to be happy in my little village in Cornwall again. Sometimes I miss the peace and quiet, but I do love the excitement here in London at the same time.

Since I was recruited by Bury Park escorts, I have met some really interesting gents. Many of them have really spoiled me and I have never felt like that before. A couple of them really fancy me and say that they like to spend more time with me. Yes, I know that some girls at Bury Park escort services have ended up being mistresses to successful men. Is it for me? I am not sure but I would like to find out if I would like it.

I am sure that there are girls here in London who have a terrible when they work for certain escort service. Some of them are a bit weird but I have not had that problem at all. I have always enjoyed myself here at Bury Park escorts and I am sure that I am lucky. Sure, girls have come and gone but many of them have done silly things. Getting hooked up with the wrong gents can be easy. But, if I met a gent that I have not liked, I have simply have not dated him again. Perhaps that is the best way to be at the end of the day. Is this a long term job? Maybe not but while the going is good, I am going to stick to it.